I have been working on a project using my FPGA that needs video. Since the manufacturer of the FPGA has not yet completed the HDMI shield, I needed a quick way to get video. After failing to properly solder the SMD DAC, I decided to make a simple through-hole resistor DAC.

There are 4 bits per color, giving a possible 4,096 colors (I think).

Here is a color picker showing the available colors.

Color Picker Tool - |
Online color picker tool.

Here is the link to the project in the Open-Source Hardware Lab:

12-Bit VGA DAC - EasyEDA open source hardware lab
In EasyEDA open source hardware lab, open source square pools all kinds of electrical design engineerings together to realize resource sharing easily.

Here is the link to the project editor in EasyEDA:

EasyEDA(Standard) - A Simple and Powerful Electronic Circuit Design Tool
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Licensed under:

CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 - Permissive | Open Source Initiative