New Music Experiment - Now with Video

New Music Experiment - Now with Video
Photo by Melyna Valle / Unsplash

I began exploring the use of a video synthesizer. I found out about Cathodemer from an online source. I have been using it to create visuals for some of my music and posting it on YouTube.

For my recordings using this tool, I used the output of the Soma laboratory's Ether device to modulate the video output. It was a great experience. I will enjoy using it again in the future.

Video 1 - "Psychedelic" Video Synthesizer Demo with music from my album Incessant Digging, which was re-released to Apple and Spotify as Intentional Ambience...

I plan to release Intentional Ambience B-Sides to include the original Intentional Ambience songs.

Video B - Saturday morning music jam session. The first part is a a lot of experimentation. Some of it is really noisy. The "music" starts around 30:00 in. There's a nice piece of music starting at 40:00 that I like, as well.