New Keyboard projects in the works

New Keyboard projects in the works

I recently ordered a bunch of mechanical keyboard parts so that I could get a smaller keyboard for work and home. The full-size keyboards aren't leaving me any room for my mouse.

I had about  $200 worth of Amazon gift card balance, so I ordered a few GK61 kits ($49). Those are 60% keyboards. I'm not sure if I'll get used to a keyboard with no arrow keys, but I'll give it a try. It uses its own custom firmware, so I can't use QMK, which really bums me out.

GK61 60% Keyboard Kit

I also signed up for the latest run of the Drop CTRL Barebones kit. It won't deliver for another two months (about the same time that the kits from Amazon are due to arrive). That one was an easy choice, because it's Ten-keyless (no number pad, but all the other keys are the same). It also uses the QMK firmware, allowing me to customize the board however I want. I'm still a little confused about the Drop configurator and how to setup macros with it. I still need to do some research on creating my own custom firmware for the keyboard.

I also ordered a few keycap sets from Amazon. I got the YMDK Carbon 87 keycap set. I'm going to put these on the Drop CTRL.

YMDK Carbon Keycaps

I also ordered the YMDK White Gray Black Mixed 87 61 Side Print Keycap set. I'm going to use that one for the 60% keyboard.

YMDK White Gray Black Mixed 87 61 Side Print Keycap set

I have to wait awhile for the parts to come in. I've ordered keyswitch lube (Krytox™ GPL 205 G0) and some dielectric grease for the stabilizers. However, I just saw on ExistentiallyYours stream that he used the same lube for the stabilizer posts and the metal wires.

I got a keyswitch opener tool so I can lube my switches. I ordered NovelKeys Cream switches, but I'm getting mixed messages on whether or not they need to be lubricated.