Retro Computing - Getting Started

Retro Computing - Getting Started

I've been investigating getting into retro computing using old CPUs like the 6502 or the Z80. Ben Eater is doing a series on building your own 6502 computer on a breadboard, but I want to avoid the pitfalls of building complicated circuits on a breadboard. I seem to have trouble getting anything stable on a breadboard.

So, I found the RC2014 project, which had me intrigued. I almost bought a full monty kit, but then I found Stephen Cousins on the Internet. He also sells kits on Tindie, but I like his process and board design better. It's also bus compatible with the RC2014, so I can (attempt to) build the boards by community members like Dr. Scott M. Baker (he has a board that he designed that uses the SP0256A-AL2 speech synthesizer chip that I've been playing with recently).

I ordered the SC126 kit from Tindie.

Steve Cousins has a great write-up about designing boards for retro computers. I've learned a lot about addressing and IC chips for design. I'd like to find an application that I can design a board for and try my hand at it.

I'll post updates after I get my kit and start assembling it.