My first Arcade cabinet - part three

My first Arcade cabinet - part three

After acquiring a new (non-working) Pac-Man arcade cabinet, I set off to get it up and running. My first two days were filled with adventure and more questions.

After replacing the fuse blocks and fuses, I turned the machine on, only to be welcomed by the following message:

Error message after replacing the fuse block and fuses

After posting my error message on the forums, I received a response telling me exactly which RAM was bad. I ordered new RAM from ebay and waited for it to arrive.

Once it had arrived, I replaced all of the RAM in the machine. This is what happened when I applied power:

Pac-Man error after new RAM

Things were worse.

I decided that this was more than I could handle and listed the machine on Craigslist. I sold it to a nearby collector. He was excited to get it.

I fired up MAME, ordered an arcade joystick for my PC, and enjoyed the classic games without all the hassle.