The Christmas when I peeked at the presents

The Christmas when I peeked at the presents

I remember one Christmas when I decided to look in the "secret place". I saw my presents. There, in the collection, was the one thing I had wanted for half the prior year: Rodan, the Pterodactyl. He was one of the monsters that fought Godzilla in the classic movies.

Godzilla and Rodan

When my parents caught me looking, they told me that they were going to take him back. I remember how I got caught. The closet where the toys were stored was not perfectly aligned, so when you opened it, you had to tug at it. When it finally did open, it made a loud sound. I'm sure they heard me open the door from the other room and came back to see what was up.

When Christmas morning came, I went out to the living room and Rodan wasn't there. I was devastated. After about 30 minutes of torture, my parents finally told me to go in my room and look in the toy box. When I opened it up, there he was in all of his dinosaur glory.

I was happy and played with him for a long time.

I learned my lesson and never peeked at presents again.