"All hail the dwindling race"

"All hail the dwindling race"

I wrote the following on April 14, 2000. I used to sit and speculate on what the world might look like in the future. Sixteen years later, and here I am, an "elder", watching the "youth" try to replace me and my peers. :)

the dwindling race, with it's sad ritualistic archetypes,
has finally met its match...
the digital revolution will undoubtedly evolve us
to the mature minds of the 21st Century.
With augmented skills and imaginary currency, we will operate this planet
using a unified touch to keep the place together
under an umbrella of peace, solitude, and balance.
Along the way, we will meet with decreased resistance
as the ancient ways cycle to another stage and the
elders finally give up their kingdom to the youth.
We must continue. The rapid pace of technological advancement
is just a smallpart of the system.
There is a deeper purpose beyond the version changes and the
service packs. We cannot get caught up in the noise of it all,
we must look beyond and grasp a task that will help
make the world a better place.

There seem to be two ways to get at it:
Do something that you enjoy and get paid for it
Do whatever they tell you and get paid for it
Whichever one you choose, ensure that it will make the
world a better place to live. Our population forecasts are giving us
ample warning. Y2K is over, we need to focus on what's next.
Our children live in a world where "education by chance" is a common
path through schools throughout the world .

Add this to the fact that children in almost every country in the world
have a greater chance to survive than ever before. Our technology
can help us meet disease with a cure. It can also fabricate our extinction.

I beg you to choose a road to compassion and integrity, the rewards
for each of us, especially you, are beautiful beyond words.

I have found that I need only two things to live a balanced life:

Love and Truth

Nothing else matters. Shatter the mold, we are too far ahead to
be molded and fired like clay. We are writing the next wave of systems
that is capable of far more possibilities than the elders ever dreamed possible.
We cannot let our youth be prevented from using it just because the chiefs cannot
understand it.

Give our children freedom from suffering!