10 Years on WordPress

Update: After ten years on WordPress, I have switched to using Ghost as my blogging platform. It has great features and is extremely fast and responsive.

Ghost vs. WordPress

August 2015 marks ten years that I’ve had a blog on WordPress. My original website started in 1996, but there was no such thing as a “weblog” back then. I called it my “online diary”.

This blog goes back ten years. I had another blog that I was hosting that goes back to around March of 2004 that was running on the .NET blogging engine “DasBlog” (created by Clemens Vasters). I decided in 2005 to switch to WordPress hosting because they would keep WordPress updated with security patches. It was also easier to deal with than self-hosting.

I have had a long and rocky road as a blogger. For a while, I was posting controversial topics alongside technical topics. It didn’t provide any positive outcome for my career, so I stopped blogging for a little while. I then had a short religious phase where everything I posted had to do with the Bible. Now, I’m pretty much back into technical posts with some music thrown in.

I try to avoid sex, politics, religion, and other topics which could be considered controversial. As a Christian, I am aware that I should not be ashamed of my religion, but I don’t think it’s my duty to convert people to my religion. I can only act as an example. And honestly, there are days when I feel that I wouldn’t want anyone looking to me as an example.