Mac vs. PC - Which is better?

After having a Mac for a few weeks, I have learned some things about using computers. I’ve always been a PC person since I got my first IBM PS-1 when I was a teenager. I was so eager to get it, that I used a strategy that I’m not very proud of today (I’ve repaid that Karma many times over through the years, I’m sure). Anyway, I bought a used iMac a few weeks ago for $250. It’s a Dual-Core processor with 3GB RAM in it, so it doesn’t really compare to my PC, which is a quad core with 8GB RAM and an upgraded Video card. However, I think I can make a decent comparison about the general usability of the two.

First, I love OS X Yosemite. It blends nicely into my household where my wife uses an iPad and a Macbook Air. We both have iPhone 6 Pluses, so we get the added integration benefits of the new OS.

But, when it comes to gaming, nothing compares to my PC. I tried to install my Elder Scrolls online on my Mac, but it just wouldn’t install. I don’t think I meet the minimum requirements, so I’m not surprised. For music, the Mac seems to be doing a superb job. Everything works as it should with Reason. The only problem is that I was thinking of buying FL Studio to do music with. It only runs on the PC (there’s a BETA version that runs on Mac, but it’s hidden deep in their website and it won’t run on Yosemite).

Using the Mac is a wonderful experience. OS X has a great UI and I like the way everything just works. But, to be fair, I can say the same thing about Windows 8.1. It also “just works”. Aside from the “metro” UI, I use all of its features and it’s a joy to use. I can’t wait for Windows 10 as I’m sure they will improve on it.

So, from an OS perspective, both OS X and Windows have the same features, they’re just accessed a little differently. My Mac integrates with my Apple devices in the house (AirPort Time Capsule, Macbook Air, iPad, and iPhones). My Windows computer and OS X both interact well with my Wireless HP Printer. I haven’t had any trouble using it on either OS. It was a little more of a hassle to install it on Windows just for printing, but to get scanning and the other features of it working on OS X, I had to run the HP installer just like I did on Windows, so in the end, it was equally involved on both OSes.

I like that I can pull up an app on my phone and see where my devices are in the world. Since Laurie and I are part of the same family account, I can see where her phone and iPad are as well as where my Mac is (I hope it doesn’t start moving). The iCloud integration with photos is nice as I like the privacy policy from Apple a whole lot better than the one from Google. While Google’s cloud photo storage is “free”, Apple’s is costing me $3.99/month. It’s worth every penny to know my photos aren’t being examined and used for commercial purposes (or some other “non-evil” Google purpose).

Also, we cancelled our monthly $9.99 Office 365 account. We just weren’t using Office enough to justify the expense. I probably will go with either buying Office outright when the new version comes out or go with Scrivener and the Apple office products (I changed my mind :) )

So, the only future I see where I’m down to one computer is when I invest in a high-end iMac with good graphics card that I can dual boot into Windows 10 and play all my games and run all my music software on one computer (regardless of OS).

For now, I’ll stick with my PC and Mac running side-by-side, each doing what it does best.