Is not using AngularJS career suicide?

Is not using AngularJS career suicide?

Yesterday, I posted an entry on why I’m not using AngularJS in my current project. Bascially, it comes down to client requirements, but some would argue that I could sway my client.  Maybe I could.

That brings up an interesting point. In two years, when this project is completed and I am looking for my next gig, will the fact that I took a job using “old” technology hamper my acquisition of a new position?  Is AngularJS going to be a requirement on my resume in two years or will it be gone by then? I’m sure I’ll be able to find a maintenance position working on older technologies, but what will the “new” thing be in two years?

Are all of these AngularJS projects going to have to be rewritten anyway when the new version of Angular is released? When that happens, will people still choose Angular or will there be better options?

I’m still perfectly comfortable using ASP.NET, but how long will that last?

Since I won’t have Angular on my resume (well, not in any major way), will I be committing career suicide?