What lies beyond the limits of Mathematics?

What lies beyond the limits of Mathematics?

I’ve been thinking about the universe lately and I’ve started wondering if the limitations of our understanding of the universe lies in the fact that our language of mathematics has limitations. Seriously, most of our observations (microcosms and macrocosms) are based on deep mathematics. At the end of that language of numbers and theorems lies something greater than our collective intelligence.

How can we describe our universe with mathematics alone? Even our calculations of the distances to stars and other celestial bodies is based on color shifting and radio waves which must be processed. I’m not saying that the nearest galaxy is only a few light days ahead, I’m just suggesting that our limit of understanding isn’t necessarily caused by stupidity. It’s merely a limitation of our understanding of the universe as it relates to the language of mathematics.

What if there was another language we could use? I’m not referring to religion, I’m suggesting that there might yet be an undiscovered language we can use to apply to the unknown universal truths. Something that doesn’t even require an “intelligent design versus evolution” war. Maybe I’m just referring to the “all inclusive theory of everything”. :)

What if this language could teach us that light isn’t the fastest known thing in the universe? What if it could reveal to us that time and light are connected in such a way that time would adjust to an increase in the speed of light so as to keep the balance there? Oh well, I’m spouting BS now.

Just something I’ve been pondering lately.

Note: Featured image taken from http://www.wallshq.com/nature/microcosm-wp-1920×1200-by-trystianity