Catching the Linux Bug

Catching the Linux Bug

I recently decided to toy around with Linux. I chose the Ubuntu version as it’s what I’ve heard the most about lately. It installed perfectly and everything has gone well.

I’m not having much trouble with Firefox, though I didn’t like the default behavior of the backspace key. I expected it to go to the last page in the history, but it scrolled instead. It turns out that it was a simple configuration issue with Firefox. Now it works exactly as I’m accustomed to.

I’ve not yet gotten used to the idea that many of the apps have to be compiled to be used, but I suppose I’ll have to learn more about it. That’s an exciting prospect.

I’m having difficulty getting the Mono Develop .NET IDE installed as it tells me I need a certain version of Mono. I’ve got a greater version of Mono installed so I’m guessing that’s the problem. Hopefully, I can get that worked out soon as I’d like to goof around with .NET on Linux.

All in all, my experience with Linux has been incredibly pleasant, a far cry from my last tangle with it back in 2001. I never did get the GUI to work, but I was using it as a web server and a firewall, so it worked fine without it. Linux has come a long way since then. I’m impressed.