Corpse Bride - another Tim Burton/Danny Elfman masterpiece

Laurie and I took Sarah to see Tim Burton’s newest film Corpse Bride. Corpse Bride is another genius execution from Tim Burton and Danny Elfman.  Elfman scores this film with uniquely themed arrangements borrowing from his best work without evoking any specific one of the previous movies he has done.

The animation style was much improved from A Nightmare Before Christmas.  The fabrics flow and they even show a realistic bosom on Victor’s mother as she bounces down the stairs in the opening scene.  It’s amazing that they could make something “bounce” like that using stop motion.  The butterfly effect on the fabric at the end of the film was also quite amazing.

Corpse Bride is a great film.  At first I didn’t think that Corpse Bride would be for children (I guess because it was made by Tim Burton), but Sarah told me that it was a kid’s film.  After seeing it, I admitted to her that I was wrong.  Corpse Bride is, indeed a kids film.

Notice the name on the piano in the scene where Victor and Victoria first meet.  Clever homage.

The musical numbers in Corpse Bride are some of the best I’ve heard in a kids film.  Danny Elfman performs an exciting number titled Remains of the Day that tells the first part of the story of the Corpse Bride.  He explores and develops the themes throughout the film and keeps it all together up until the end.